Friday, December 12, 2008

Snowy Hill Oil 6" X 8"

This is a small winter landscape I did as part of a challenge on the Landscape Forum of I gave myself a limited palette, and a limited time in which to complete the painting, and was pretty pleased with the results.


aktmanda1122 said...

This is very beautiful, it reminds me of a day that I was with my husband when we were still dating and we were searching for a Christmas tree. It makes me smile when I see this painting

laura said...

This is indescribably beautiful to me--and posted on my birthday too! A lovely scene and the colors are so twilit--it's gorgeous.
(ps thanks for your comments on my WC still life duos painting--I'm laura-lulu there; I didn't know till tonight that there would be comments! And I haven't figured out how to respond there ... I'm going to pick up the challenge again. Thanks for commenting on my watercolors!)


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