Sunday, February 7, 2010

ONE HOUR STUDY - 'Teensie'

One Hour Study - 'Teensie'
Oil 6 x 6

I decided to do a timed study and so I gave myself
exactly one hour to paint my cat. Needless to say, I
had to take some photographs to work from...if her eyes
are open she is usually moving, and when she is
not moving she is almost always curled up somewhere
warm and comfortable sound asleep...

It was interesting - even though I could have worked
this more, I stopped - keeping to the time limit.
Definitely made me make some decisions very

If you would like to see more of my work,
please check out my website. Thanks!

1 comment:

AutumnLeaves said...

Amazing that you can turn out such a lovely painting in an hour or less! Teensy is beautiful!! (Do you remember the 'I Love Lucy' show when they were en route to CA and went through Tennessee Ernie Ford's hometown? And that the sheriff arrested them for being friends with Ernie? Why? Because he failed to marry on the sheriff's twin girls...Teensy and Weensy?!!)


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