Wednesday, September 15, 2010

by Claire Beadon Carnell
100 Paintings in 100 Days Challenge
'Inspirations from a Back Yard'

'And Down Will Come Baby'
Oil  6 x 6

Day 53

Another little bit of whimsey that was born from the discovery
of a delicate little bird's nest (thanks to my grandson, Jake).
The main body of the nest is built from fragile plant stems, complete
with tiny dried leaves.  The interior of the nest is so finely lined with
horsehair - it is swirled into the inner walls with such finesse and beauty!
Add into this nest a 3" china doll baby I have had for years...then have this
nest floating down from the sky...and the familiar lullaby starts working
its way into my head as I paint...

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Diana Marshall said...

Just beautiful, the painting and the story, this is my favourite so far!

aktmanda1122 said...

love this, one of my favorites from the challenge pieces!

Rosemary said...

Have mostly been away from blogging since my computer crash and am now trying to make up for lost time. Have so enjoyed catching up with your challenge this morning and finding you are already on Day 53! Love every single one of these little jewels but the bird nests are my favorites! Whether they contain a tiny doll, acorns or eggs your appreciation for their sturdy yet delicate beauty comes through!

Barbara said...

This is a very cool little painting, but the title (just like that lullaby) scared me a little bit.

Claire Beadon Carnell said...

Thank you, Diana, Manda, Rosemary and Barbara.
The nests are probably one of the favorite things from my back yard - and from my grandson's back yard.


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