Monday, April 22, 2013

Les Andelys - Castle of Richard the Lion Heart

Today we sailed into Les Andelys and took a walking your of the town and Richard the Lion Heart's castle, which overlooks the river Seine. There was no mention of the fact that the trip up to the ruins was straight up a very steep hill, and that the distance of the base of that hill up to the ruins was about a half a mile!

I was about half way there when I was starting to wonder if I should turn around and head back to the ship - but I being the stubborn old bird that I am I kept plugging away and made it to the summit. I am so glad I didn't give up - the view from that hill was spectacular.

Here are some pictures


Sue Marrazzo said...

Great Photos, Claire!

CrimsonLeaves said...

Gorgeous photos, Claire! Were you able to see inside the castle at all? Such memories you are making!

hmuxo said...

OMGosh!!! this is so beautiful..


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