Saturday, April 20, 2013

Rouen, France

Today we left the port of Vernon and sailed during the morning hours to Rouen.
Even though it was quite chilly, Amanda and I were topside most of the time and loved every minute of it. We also managed to get some great pictures, especially as we went through the locks.

There were areas of white stone showing through the mountains, and we were seeing beautiful swans on both sides of the Seine.

We took a walking your of Rouen. I was disappointed that reconstruction was being done on the front face of the famous cathedral that Monet painted over and over in different light conditions - but was amazed at the size and beauty of this centuries old church. This is also the church where Richard the Lion Hearted's heart is buried.

Our next stop was the Rouen Parliament building, then we went to where Jean d'Arc was burned at the stake. It took hundreds of years before France honored Jean d'Arc by building a cathedral in 1979 next to this site.

We ended our tour, and quite a few of the group decided to stay in town to shop at the quaint gift shops.

Here is a picture from today...traveling on the Seine.


CrimsonLeaves said...

Such wonderful memories you will have! And of course, much painting inspiration too!

hmuxo said...



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