Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day One - 2009 Gettysburg Fringe Festival Plein Air Paint Out

Our first day of the Plein Air Paint-out started at the Peace Light Monument on the Gettysburg Battlefield. The skies were a bit gloomy, and every once in awhile there was a drop or two, but we were so lucky that the rain kept away.

Mary Beth Brath (one of the co-ordinators of this paint-out), talks to Glenn Souders as he works on a painting of the Peace Light Monument in acrylics.

Rebecca Jackson, from Frederick, MD works on her painting.

I am working with my Judson Guerrilla Painter 9 X 12 Pochade box, oil paints, and a 6 X 12 canvas panel. It is my first outing with the Judson heavy-duty tridpod, and it made a huge difference - no more wobbling of the pochade box. My back was to the Peace Light Monument, and the little barn in the distance is the McPherson farm on the Gettysburg Battlefield. Painting is about three-quarters complete at this point.

Finally, some gorgeous blue skies! Sure hope we see more of this tomorrow. Most of the painters are going to be painting at the Gettysburg College, but a few of us (including myself) are going to paint at Little Round Top.


Carolyn said...

I'm glad to hear someone else had the wibbly-wobblies and found a solution. I will have to look into the Judson heavy duty tripod! Thanks!

Claire said...

I really struggled with my camera tripod at first, and Judson's was very cooperative in trying to make it work out for me. They even sent me a rubbery shim to go between the box and the connector plate, but I still had the wobbles. Buying the Judson heavy-duty tripod was a very smart move for me. I've really been giving it a hard workout during this Gettysburg plein air paint out, and it's been rock-steady - even in some blustery wind. I give it 5 stars (out of 5)! (I also love the fact that it has a level on it.)


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