Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day Seven - 2009 Gettysburg Fringe Festival Plein Air Paint Out

The seventh day of the Plein Air Paint Out - and none of were resting. We met up at the Weikert farm, then some of us branched off to different locations.
I had been wanting to paint at the Rose Farm (those turquoise shutters are too irresistible), and so I set up my gear just above the ruins of the stone barn on the farm - with a view looking down at the house and outbuildings. Since I was by all of those stones, I did keep an eye out for anything that slithered...

Here's my painting for today. There were several rows of fences (white picket, then wood fences) right in front of the house but I decided to edit them from this effort. If I were starting the day over, I may have painted from further back, or just focused on the house itself.

The Rose Farm Oil 9 X 12

Lyn O'Neal was working on a painting of the Weikert House. She had a terrific start, and I am looking forward to seeing the completed painting.

Deborah Richardson was also working on the Weikert House, and had a beautiful start by the time everyone was meeting up for the day.

Glenn Souders was lucky enough to find a nice spot in the shade to paint. He is working on a painting of the Rose barn ruins - which were quite interesting. We noticed that a lot of the stones along the top rows of the ruin have been painted with numbers. Will have to look into this when time allows.

Rebecca Jackson was also working on a painting of the Rose Farm buildings. The sun was very intense and temps were close to 90 degrees. I don't think that tiny little apple tree beside her was offering much shade...

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