Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day Six - 2009 Gettysburg Fringe Festival Plein Air Paint Out

Today the majority of the painters were situated up on Seminary Ridge, very close to the North Carolina Monument. This vantage point overlooked the field of Pickett's Charge.

My first painting done on site today is a vista from Seminary Ridge, in which you can see the fields of Pickett's Charge, the Vermont State Monument, the Pennsylvania Monument and the front side of the Codori Farm (yes, this is the same farm I painted yesterday, just the opposite side.) It is 6 X 12, oil on canvas.

My second painting done on site today is a 40 minute study of the Pennsylvania Monument. It was very far away, so I was trying to just capture the essence, and not worry about any details (not that I could see them from that distance!) Oil 8 X 8 on canvas.

Sharon Benner and Sue Gray take a look at Sharon's beautiful work. Sharon got on site early to take advantage of the early morning light.

Bill Fosnaught sets up his equipment to get ready to paint for the day.

Here is a photograph I took of the North Carolina monument. This amazing piece of sculpture was created by the same artist who designed Mount Rushmore, Gutzon Borglum.

I may be posting more pictures later on tonight, so please feel free to stop back in!

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