Sunday, May 2, 2010


'Entrance to Allenberry Playhouse'
Oil 14 x 18
I finished this painting today after starting it almost
a year ago. It was so close to being done, but I had
put it aside and forgotten about it.
Allenberry Playhouse is a renowned local theater
that is set in the countryside of Boiling Springs, PA.
Driving onto the property one day,
I came in through the main entrance and liked the
dappled sunlight of the scene, the
nice balance of cool and warm colors, and there was
just enough humidity on that summer day that
it added a nice soft haziness to everything.
If you would like to see more of my work, please
visit my website. Thank you.


Jonathan said...

Great painting! love the cast shadows and the lights peaking through the trees. Really like this painting, you did really well in describing the warm and cool colors that you saw in person through your painting. Great painting Claire!

Carolyn said...

Lovely job on the light and shadow patterns on the road!

Earthula said...


AutumnLeaves said...

Absolutely beautiful, Claire. I so love lanes of trees like this and could just set up house beneath them and be happy (well, sans bugs and bird droppings, that is). You've captured that humidity haze so perfectly!

William Cook said...

Wonderful shadows and light. I also have a few paintings that I have put away but have not found the energy to finish. Good luck on the 100 paintings.

Pat Koscienski said...

Just drove up that lane this morning and thought of this painting. Great job with the dappled light.

Jimmie Bartlett said...

This painting is a winner. I saw it on wet canvas and came over to visit. I really like your art work and blog. The 100 day challenge is very interesting.

Jimmie Bartlett (jbart on wc)

L. O'Neal said...

Claire - this painting is stunning! You've just captured the light, shadows and atmosphere so wonderfully - great job!


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